祥儀基金會自2018年起結合桃園市政府跨局處資源,推動「2018 AI TAOYUAN–機器人競賽X觀光工廠X新創嘉年華會」成為國內數一數二之桃園產業與新創活動,舉辦至今吸引許多創新創業及智慧科技應用的同好共同參與,被視為桃園市重要的亮點展覽;2019年延續AI Taoyuan精神,規劃國際新創機器人節,擴大辦理陸、海、空三大領域之機器人競賽,包括無人車、科技寶相撲車、人形機器人系列賽、AGV挑戰賽,同時也結合新興綠色能源議題,舉行KIDWIND風力能源發電賽項目;水域部分則有機器人划龍舟、水上科技寶競賽;空域項目更是舉行全台首創的無人機夜光競賽活動,以高超飛技及熱血精神來展現光速飛競的極限刺激。2019年為推動科技研發衍伸機器人產業發展,鼓勵業者進行升級轉型、新創事業發展或新創機器人活動推廣,結合桃園各大廠合作開發產品運用在國內、外機器人賽事,藉由AI智慧解決產業問題、連結國內、外產學合作鏈接培育人才,以串連在地觀光,輔以推廣合作及國內、外市場行銷拓展,促進產業生活體驗價值提升,讓世界看到台灣機器人的能量,樹立學習典範與輔導模式轉移以發揮綜效。

Brief Introduction of TIRT

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic industries and recreate momentum for economic development, the government proposed the "Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency " policy in accordance with the president’s policy blueprint, which aims to build a R&D-based innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and promote the Internet of Things Industrial innovation research and development and strengthening of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem are the main axis, supplemented by the three major links of connecting the world, future and local. Through relevant specific promotion strategies, it is hoped that Taiwan will connect with the core cluster of global technology such as Silicon Valley and become the Asia-Pacific youth innovation and Entrepreneurship and development base, in order to occupy the future industry of the next generation.

Since 2018, the ShaYangYe Cultural and Educational Foundation has combined the resources of the Taoyuan City Government to promote the "2018 AI TAOYUAN-Robot Competition X Sightseeing Factory X Star-Up Festival" to become one of the top Taoyuan industry and new innovation activities domestic. It has attracted many innovations since it was held. The participation of entrepreneurs and smart technology applications is regarded as an important highlight exhibition in Taoyuan City. In 2019, we will continue the AI Taoyuan spirit, plan the international top robotic tournament, and expand the handling of robot competitions in the three fields of land, sea and air, including The KIDWIND wind energy power generation project be held in conjunction with emerging green energy issues, including car, science and technology sumo, humanoid robot series, and AGV challenge. In the water area, there are robot dragon boats and water science and technology competitions. The airspace project is the first drone competition at night in Taiwan to show the extreme excitement of light speed flying with superb flying skills and passion. In 2019, in order to promote the development of scientific, technological research and the robotics industry, encourage industry players to upgrade and transform, new venture development or the promotion of new robotics activities, combined with the cooperation of major factories in Taoyuan to develop products for use in domestic and foreign robotics competitions, and use AI to solve that industrial issues, linking domestic and foreign industry-university cooperation links to cultivate talents, to connect local sightseeing, supplemented by promotion of cooperation and domestic and foreign market marketing expansion, promote the value of industrial life experience, let the world see the energy of Taiwan’s robots, and establish The learning model and the tutoring model make synergy.