2023 HSRT新竹科技盃機器人全國挑戰賽 科技寶經典賽


Lightweight Sumo Robots
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Derived from the principle of unmanned transport vehicles, this competition extends its focus beyond autonomous movement to include the thrilling aspect of vehicle collisions. This aspect significantly tests the participants' skills in not only programming but also spatial structural design of the vehicle body. Each competition team, consisting of 1-3 members, engages in a battle format against another team using one sumo robot. The objective is to push the opponent's sumo robot out of the designated area within the specified time limit to claim victory. The competition restricts the construction of the robot body to plastic building blocks. Furthermore, the participating sumo robots must be fully automated, and the use of wireless communication or remote controllers to control the robots is strictly prohibited from the beginning to the end of the competition.

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